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Set up your MacBook with just one command

May 05, 2018

There are a few ways to set up your Mac - some take more time then the others. Learn how to set up a new MacBook in the probably most efficient way.

TLDR: Get yourself a copy of this script , adapt it to your needs and execute it.

After you've installed the latest version of MacOS - or you just bought a new one 😏 - you typically start looking for your favorite applications. But instead of installing them all one by one, we are going to use Homebrew. This tool allows you to install all kind of packages for example brew install wget.

To install apps like Googles Chrome, Visual Studio Code or Spotify we need to install Cask for Homebrew. In the terminal enter brew tap caskroom/cask. Now we can install apps from the terminal like brew cask install google-chrome.

With those handy tools in place we can put together a small Bash script to install all kind of different packages and apps. Feel free to take a look at my MacOS bootstrap script and adapt it to your needs.

Now run your script, grab yourself a coffee and when you're back - all your favorite apps are already installed on your MacBook 😃